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Paul Share: Where Are They Now? CFA’s Inaugural 40 Under 40 Class – The Secured Lender

Paul Share was interviewed in The Secured Lender‘s article titled “Where Are They Now? CFA’s Inaugural 40 Under 40 Class.”

How did receiving the CFA 40 Under 40 Award help your career/visibility?

The award was an honor and a recognition both within and outside Conway MacKenzie. The number of professionals throughout the industry who reached out to me was more than I expected. I met some truly amazing rising stars at the CFA 40 under 40 and I still remain in contact with them today.

How can young professionals build their recognition in this industry, whether they receive a 40 Under 40 Award or not?

A referral of mine says, “The reward for good work, is more work”. Sometimes, opportunity only comes once in a lifetime. Your best performance is required every time you step out the door in the morning. That is easier said than done because life has its every-day challenges and not all networking events or work projects are exciting. Building recognition in the industry is tough as it requires you to get out of the office and do more than just what is required from 9-5.

Excellence, in everything you do, is the best way to get recognized. Hard work and persistence pays off one day, when the right person crosses your path and notices.

What advice would you give to our 2018 40 Under 40 award recipients?

Take advantage of the CFA 40 Under 40 Award Ceremony that is packed with leaders of the industry. While the room will be intimidating, that night people are there for you. Make it your goal to meet five new people and follow up with them to form new relationships. In addition, there are 39 other people with you that the CF A believes are the future leaders of the industry. Make it your goal to follow up with the other winners and see how you both can mutually benefit from a new relationship.

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