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Mike Musso: You’ve bought a brand. How can you take it into new markets? – Just Food

Mike Musso was featured in Just Food’s article titled “You’ve bought a brand. How can you take it into new markets?.”

It’s a view shared by Mike Musso, head of Conway MacKenzie’s consumer products practice. “I think it takes a very methodical and Herculean effort to take a brand and globalise it, especially a food brand,” says Musso. “Consumer buying habits worldwide are very, very different, so as you start to think about globalising a brand you can’t only think about ‘what is the sales opportunity per capita consumption’ and ‘the brand should do well because others in its competitive set are doing well’. You have to consider pack size, colour, nomenclature or the actual brand name. Are there any conflicts or jargon that would be negatively connoted by the name of a particular brand? Also flavour profiles are incredibly different worldwide.”

Musso does concede, however, that, over the last decade or so, it has got a little easier for food groups to internationalise both long-standing and newly-acquired brands.

“American shopping habits are moving more towards European habits, so smaller pack sizes, less ‘big gulps’, more moderation in terms of consumption – consuming for the day and not for the month,” he says. “I think it’s become a little bit easier moving from the US to Europe, because I think you’re starting to see more of a global appetite for brands.”

“You’ve got to be very, very careful because you can’t under service the customers or the channels by having such a lean structure that you’re effectively not out there marketing and growing the brand,” says Musso. “You have to find that perfect balance.”

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