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Visitors of the firm’s new website at will now experience deeper insights and information from the firm’s professionals, improved search capabilities and social media integration, and more efficient website engagement when visiting from a mobile device.

Chief among the new website’s upgrades is an enhanced and increased library of information. The site now features a corporate blog and links to in-depth articles that allow visitors greater access to the firm’s expertise. Case studies detailing successful turnaround and restructuring work showcase the team’s strategic approach to client service and solutions. Also, the website more distinctly emphasizes the firm’s key industries and services so that visitors have a clear understanding of Conway MacKenzie’s leadership areas as soon as they reach the site.

The website is also now optimized for engagement from a variety of mobile devices. Streamlined content and concise navigation paths were designed with ease-of-use in mind.

Other features enable more efficient website navigation. The professional’s search feature allows for easier identification of team member bios and background. Additionally, the website now allows visitors to share numerous types of content – incusing press releases and blog posts – on their social media channels. A Twitter feed is also now featured on each of the site’s News pages.

If you have not had the chance to experience all of these upgrades to the website, please take a moment now to click through and fully explore.