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Fred Hubacker: Pros and Cons to Buying Fiat Chrysler Stock – US News & World Report

Fred Hubacker was featured in US News & World Report‘s article titled “Pros and Cons to Buying Fiat Chrysler Stock.”

“FCAU in North America is certainly in very good shape,” says Fred Hubacker, managing director at Conway MacKenzie in Detroit and a former Chrysler executive. “They’re one of the few winners as the November U.S. sales results are in and they’ve improved year-over-year by approximately 17 percent.”

North America is the “sweet spot” in the global auto market right now, as SUVs, crossovers and pickups are dominating consumers’ preferences with more than 60 percent of new vehicle registrations, Hubacker says.

“Fiat Chrysler is doing very, very well with those products,” he says. “FCA publicly declared a few years ago that they were getting out of the car business. As a result, their car business is a relatively minor part of what they manufacture now. They currently have one car assembly plant in North America, as the rest of their manufacturing is centered on Jeeps, pickup trucks, crossover, SUVs and minivans.”

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