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Conway MacKenzie is a Leader in Energy Sector Restructurings & Bankruptcies

Conway MacKenzie’s Restructuring & Reorganization Practice is a leading global advisor to companies and creditors for energy sector restructurings and bankruptcies.

Conway MacKenzie brings decades of experience and expertise in energy and natural resource crisis management, debtor/creditor negotiations, and economic analysis to meet the needs of our clients. We provide solutions for businesses troubled by inadequate capital structures and/or challenging economic or industry conditions. Our advice has helped provide such businesses with more stable capital structures and ultimately more operational flexibility.

Drawing on the firm’s vast knowledge, diverse business expertise, global relationships, and
investor mentality, the Restructuring & Reorganization Practice’s core strengths – which include a broad knowledge of global markets and an ability to craft specialized solutions – have earned the confidence of clients worldwide.

We provide a wide range of advisory services to companies in the energy sector:

  • Debtor Advisory
  • Capital Raising Advisory
  • Creditor Advisory
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
  • Out-of-Court Solutions

In today’s business environment, the most significant energy and industrial project obstacles occur in the uncertain environment of policy, politics, and public relations. The inability of companies to attract the investment necessary to sustain and grow their operations can oftentimes be traced to the absence of a mitigation strategy in advance of major projects. The failure to identify potential obstacles and non-technical hazards, or neglecting to adequately address the risks that they pose, can result in substantial and material financial losses and increased uncertainty for the company and its shareholders.

Conway MacKenzie has the experience that is necessary to successfully navigate companies through the restructuring and bankruptcy process. Our past restructuring efforts have been successful because of our unique ability to evaluate and forecast a myriad of technical and non-technical risks in a manner that ultimately generates the increased confidence of investors, regulators, and other stakeholders. The development and implementation of tailored risk avoidance and mitigation strategies is critical to ensuring that previous mistakes are not repeated, and Conway MacKenzie has a keen understanding of the complex host of non-technical risks that those very strategies must address.