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The last decade has seen many changes in the U.S. packaging and distribution industry. Consolidation on every tier – suppliers, distributors, and customers – has led to increased competition in the market. Margins have declined. Global competition has increased. Raw material, labor and transportation costs have risen.

With all of the challenges facing the industry, there are corresponding opportunities for smart and agile companies. From turnarounds to transactions, Conway MacKenzie’s Packaging & Distribution Industry group helps packaging and distribution companies to grow or get back on track, as the case may be. Our professionals have significant knowledge and expertise in the industry gained through substantial experience working with packaging and distribution companies.

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Navigating a Path Through Challenging Terrain

The Engagement

Conway MacKenzie worked for a provider of cardboard packaging for the automotive industry. The business was distressed due to union labor issues as well as financial viability issues.

Our Role

Conway MacKenzie, along with the owner, agreed to pursue an orderly wind-down. Conway MacKenzie was able to secure some temporary price increases from customers to fund the wind-down and seamlessly transition to other suppliers.

The Result

As a result, the company and its secured lender were able to settle out-of-court with the company’s vendors, thus receiving a higher percentage of the recoveries than what would have been possible in a bankruptcy filing.

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Navigating a Path Through Challenging Terrain | Conway MacKenzie