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December 30, 2014

Blog: 15 in ’15: Mid-Market Trends to Focus on in the New Year

“What are your plans for New Years?” It’s likely a question you’ve been asked by friends or family, and we at Conway MacKenzie want to know, too: what are your plans for the New Year? We’re not as interested in your Dec. 31 social calendar, however, as we are your business outlook and strategy for reaching new levels of success in 2015. As you consider where you want your business to go in the next 12 months – and how to lead it there – Mergers & Acquisitions offers a road map via its 2015 trends forecast.

Specialized PE firms, corporate spinoffs and innovations in sourcing are just a few of the variables that will shape dealmaking in the months to come, according to the publication. If you’re not already familiar with these 15 trends, we encourage you to read more about them in this article to help you take advantage of the marketplace in the months ahead:

  1. A Thriving Mid Market
  2. Strategic Buyers Shed Assets
  3. Specialized Firms
  4. Enhanced Focus on Sourcing
  5. Fundraising Peaks
  6. Alternative Lenders Rule
  7. IPO: A Tough Act to Follow
  8. E-Commerce Excites Investors
  9. PE Drives Fracking
  10. FinServices Continues to Consolidate
  11. Wine and Spirits Attract Buyers
  12. Dentists Unite
  13. Manufacturing Flourishes
  14. Retail Real Estate Woes
  15. Tech Deals Climb

The Conway MacKenzie team is your partner in navigating market opportunities and challenges, and we take seriously our role in helping you stay in front of the trends that impact your business. We will continue to deliver actionable insights throughout 2015 on this blog and through our social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook), and encourage you to consult with one of our experts to discuss any of the “15 for ‘15” in greater depth. Cheers to a prosperous 2015!