Turnaround & Restructuring


Conway MacKenzie’s Turnaround & Restructuring team helps companies not just survive, but thrive. Cost pressures. Rising competition. Changing demand. Rapid growth. A changing global economy. All of these factors and more can impact the performance of even the strongest and most established companies.

Conway MacKenzie’s mandate is simple and direct: improve results and restore value to your business and its stakeholders.

Across industries and across the country, Conway MacKenzie has a proven track record for delivering hands-on financial, operational and strategic action that rapidly produces results. No matter what the situation, we continually focus on your financial goals and drive to uphold responsibilities to customers, employees, suppliers and lenders. Whether you seek to preserve capital, create value, reestablish credibility and communication with your constituencies or develop and implement a plan to improve cash flow and restore earnings, Conway MacKenzie will guide your company to where it needs to be.

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