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Jeff Zappone Quoted In American Recycler

Jeff Zappone was featured in American Recycler‘s article titled “GLOBALIZATION OF AUTO SALES IMPACTS U.S. RECYCLERS.”

Jeff Zappone, senior managing director, Conway MacKenzie, explained that the auto recycling market in the U.S. is currently unstable – mainly due to the fluctuations in pricing of metals and other commodities – in addition to uncertainties surrounding taxes, tariffs, increased regulation, etc., brought on by the recent election.

“The fact that auto recycling is now prevalent in so many countries adds increased competition to the U.S. market in regards to parts and vehicles being exported out of the country for a better price,” Zappone said. “U.S. salvage auction companies are selling vehicles to buyers all over the world.”

“The larger U.S companies in the industry are exploring ways to create a presence in the global market by either expanding their operations or through an acquisition,” Zappone said. “Auto recycling is an ever changing market throughout the world and it is important to be knowledgeable of advances in technology and how customer needs may change.”

Despite the U.S. vehicle fleet continuing to grow, Zappone warned that auto recyclers in the U.S. will continue to face an unstable market due to pricing pressures and increased competition from both local and global markets.

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