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Mike Musso: CPG Insights – Dos And Don’ts In Digital Diligence

By Contributing Writer Eleni Shipp, Strategic Partner of Fenwick Brands

In an increasingly digital world, online information can be used in due diligence to analyze CPG brands and subsequent consumer loyalty. Brand equity drives value at purchase and
with the significant increase in information sharing, it’s critical to leverage all digital touchpoints to validate your investment thesis on the brand.

As I mentioned at a recent joint TMA/ACG “Retail & Consumer: Driving Growth & Confronting Challenges in the Digital Age” panel, moderated by Mike Musso in Atlanta, there are dos and don’ts in using digital data to evaluate a brand. For example, my firm often uses online product ratings and reviews during diligence to gauge a product’s strengths and weaknesses with their consumers. What consumers like and dislike provides great insight to current product enhancements and future innovation post investment. We have also used quick consumer surveys on sites like Survey Monkey to gain feedback in advance of close so we can build consumer feedback into our operating plan.

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